Great Afternoon.

being the collected audio programming 
of The CabsEverywhere Creative Production House

 A series of words arranged, 
typed, and spoken by Jd Michaels.

Years of irritation causes bad blood;
weighing us down, interrupting sleep,
and cramping our perspective...

This column is engineered to offer a
respite that gently eases your
, helping you to
filter waste,
and creating
just a little space to
really breathe.

[Gluten-free. Take weekly. ]

Thursdays on SubStack

90 words = Jd Michaels

Great Afternoon collects / displays experimental audio work from Jd Michaels; resident of Brooklyn, native of Kansas City, graduate of Yale University, proud Ravenclaw, mad scientist, Key Proprietor of The CabsEverywhere Creative Production House (an international collective of creative professionals who combine fine art, traditional crafts, and different technologies with a great big bowl of DIY to render imagination) and the distinguished-grey half of michaels.adams., where he and Casey Adams generate and produce original initiatives focused in education, identity, and community (and random fiction engineered to generate quizzical looks / hearty laughter).

The CabsEverywhere Creative Production House.
Brooklyn NY, London UK, Kansas City
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